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​​​​​The day picks you.  you don't pick the day. 

It's late at night and you've been tasked by your significant other to make a trip to a local 24-hour pharmacy to pick-up medication for an ill child.  As you prepare for your family's medical mission, you grab your wallet, medical card, vehicle keys, cellular phone and conceal carry firearm.  As a responsibly armed citizen or off-duty/retired law enforcement officer you recognize you are your family's first responder. 

​As you wait for the pharmacist to fill your prescription, you see a twenty something year old man wearing tattered jeans and a faded black hoody covering his head.  This man quickly approaches the pharmacy counter.  You observe him point a dark handgun at the cashier as he announces a robbery.  The man fires a round into the ceiling demanding cash as well as all of the OxyContin.  As the employees are emptying the cash registers and the pharmacist gathers the prescription pain killers, the suspect fires another round into the ceiling demanding the money and pills "now!"  The suspect threatens if he doesn't get what he wants soon he'll shoot an employee. 

​Fearing the suspect will in fact kill an innocent person, you remove your concealed firearm, warn the suspect to drop the gun but when he turns towards you with his weapon, you fire 2-rounds striking and killing the suspect. 

​You scan the area for additional threats, seeing none, you announce you have a permit to carry and/or are an off-duty/retired law enforcement and tell the employees to call the police. 

​When law enforcement arrives, you are detained, your firearm is taken as evidence and what was supposed to be a quick trip to the pharmacy has now become a forever life changing event.  ​​

​You've prepared yourself for the event with the legally mandated licensing/permits and training.  But have you prepared for the post critical event details which can effect your freedom, finances and most importantly your family?  Do you have a legal defense plan?   

​When teaching my firearms training courses, I ask students who they will call should their home be burglarized?  Who they will call should they become involved in a motor vehicle accident involving injuries and significant damage to their vehicle?  Who they will call should they suffer an immediate medical emergency requiring hospitalization?  The answer I hear most often is "the police" and the second call would be to their insurance provider.  Excellent answers!  Everyone has a plan!

​Based on the above described critical incident scenario at the pharmacy, who do you call?  Unfortunately many responsibly  armed citizens and some active and retired law enforcement officers don't have a legal defense plan.  Some say, "I know what I'm doing and doubt there would be criminal charges."  Others say, "the chances of ever becoming involved in a shooting are very slim." 

​As a firearms instructor as well as an active law enforcement officer, I'm aware  the chances of becoming involved in a critical incident are highly unlikely.  But if I am involved in a critical incident, I do need a legal defense plan and the only plan I recommend to my students and fellow law enforcement officers (current and retired) is CCW SAFE. 

​The CCW SAFE plan for civilian carry is $499 per year and much less for active and retired law enforcement.  For approximately $1.36 a day (less than a cup of coffee), you receive top notch critical defense protection throughout the United States!  For my brothers and sisters currently serving, I would highly recommend you check with your legal defense plan provider to determine if their coverage will extend outside of your home state.  When I recently checked with my law enforcement legal defense plan, I learned I would NOT be covered for any incidents outside of Minnesota! 

​Please click on the CCW SAFE logo on the top of the page to learn more about this critical defense plan and register to become a member! 

​I am an affiliate of CCW SAFE and earn a small commission for each membership sale provided the buyer uses my hyper link (click on logo on top of this page) or enters my affiliate identification (B10800242) at the time of purchase.   ​Thank you in advance for your purchase!


​Be safe, carry often and carry responsibly!